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Wear Masks to Save the Masses

Apr 4, 2020 12:21:04 PM / by Elise Vue

While we are all physically a part during this time, we are only a blog, email and call away. We wanted to share some thoughts from our CEO, Brett Joerger, and a light weekend read, in case you haven't heard the news. For us, our employees and customers are like family, and passing this kind of information along to keep everyone informed is more than a civic duty.
As you may be well aware of, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised all Americans — even people who appear to be healthy (and asymptomatic) — to cover their face with a mask or a scarf when they leave home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus in the United States.
During this uncertain time, it goes without saying, but in the words of our CEO, he said, "Everyone, let's do our part. Wear masks to save the masses and let's come out of this stronger together."
Want to make your own mask? We have a step-by-step guide for sewing a personal one with common household materials.
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Elise Vue

Written by Elise Vue